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9 Secrets Only Mentally Strong People Follow

What does it mean to be a mentally strong person?

Well, it does not mean is that you will never struggle with issues like depression and anxiety. We all have to struggle some degree at one time or another. Someone who is completely free of them is as uncommon as an honest politician.

You don’t have to be an enlightened Himalayan master in order to achieve your own version of mental strength. With little practice and awareness, you can flourish or soar high whenever life gets challenging.

There can be many ways to become mentally strong.Below are nine ways that you can incorporate into your lives. And though they may sound like the clichéd utterances, however, there is still some solid wisdom.

1. Love For Yourself Should Come First

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You might feel a little weird when someone talks about self-love. Don’t worry. A lot of people worry about it. As a matter of fact, it’s tough to love others if you can’t love yourself.

You can consider it as oxygen mask on the plane metaphor. Though it may sound selfish but you have to put on your own oxygen mask first so that you could help others.

2. Learn to be Both Soft and Strong

The ability to see the world in different shades of color is a part of being mentally strong. Many attribute weakness to things that are delicate in nature, and power to things that are muscular. However, this is black and white thinking pattern. It’s strongly essential and possible to be both soft and strong in order to maintain mental strength and balance.

3. Keep Going. Even When Things Get Tough

Never give up is the belief that you should have. Often it is riddled and muddled with hopelessness and self-doubt. But the mentally strong stick on to hope. They understand that nothing is permanent and keep in mind that with challenge growth comes to your door.

Yet with that being said…

4. Know When to Let Go; With Bravery 

Image result for 9 Secrets Only Mentally Strong People Follow hdThere is a big difference between surrendering and giving up. Giving up is a loss of hope and belief. While surrendering bears with it the knowledge of healthy threshold, and don’t surpass it.

And since it’s so often associated with giving up, surrendering can also be one of the toughest hurdles to overcome. Especially when you are a control freak. But still one of the most freeing.

5. Fake it Till You Make it

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Enough said.

6. Never Settle When Something isn’t Good Enough

Seriously! Unless you feel some fondness toward being undervalued and like the deep resentment that is growing over time like a cancerous cell. Perhaps until then, you’re allowed. That’s just not the way mentally strong people do.

7. Say No Without Hesitation

If your inner intuition is telling you that something is not right, then it’s true. The one who is mentally strong knows they have an option to reject anything that is not good for them.

They acutely know that “no” is not a four-letter word.

8. Eliminate Toxic People from Your Life

Well, this is easier said than to do. Especially when one of the toxic people is currently camping on your sofa. However, it too can be done. Toxic people will stay in your life as long as you nurture them. It can be your money, companionship, or even home. But finally, it will become your time, attention and your energy. And it’s a heavy toll on your mental state and you should not bear it.

9. Praise Yourself Rather than Waiting for Other’s Approval

Image result for 9 Secrets Only Mentally Strong People Follow hdAppreciating yourself for achievements and positive actions as it’s a part of a mentally strong regimen. It’s a healthy habit.

Now it’s slightly different from degradation and using self-flagellation to draw positive comments on the contrary. It would be less healthy than.

So Just Try This

Simply think all above suggestions as a single step toward becoming mentally strong- like baby steps. Use them mantras. Apply them in any order you want.

And always remember that you are building a foundation of being a mentally strong person.

Take all the necessary time and care to craft it solid so that it definitely paid off.

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