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BFF Goals: Friendships Between Famous Hollywood Actors Revealed – You’ve Got to be Like Them

It’s a common knowledge that being in the limelight may take its toll by having their life as an “open book”. It’s like there is nothing you can hide from the public. For one, many celeb stalkers or the paparazzi are everywhere. And with all the rumors roaming around Hollywood, not to mention the pressure social media brings, finding a real friend among their co-stars may really seem a challenge. Hence, if they do, they really seem to keep them – nurturing their friendship together into something that lasts forever – #SqualGoals!

Here are real-life BFFs who share both “on-screen and off-screen” friendship – lending each other’s shoulder when they need someone to lean on. These duos only prove that it’s not actually the money, fame, and multi-million projects that will make them last BUT their true camaraderie.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

The Charlie’s Angels co-stars, Barrymore and Diaz opened up that their long-time friendship as a product of their commitment and genuine effort to make it last. The two beauties admitted that they’re “incredibly honest with each other”. They also revealed that their secret to a lasting friendship is that they both work hard on their lives and on their friendship.

They’re blessed to know that whenever they need someone, Barrymore and Diaz would surely have each other covered. And if one is actually in trouble, they know that the other one will surely come running and “take her bestie out of that shit.”

And that’s 100 percent pure L-O-V-E. They regard each other as “sisters,” by the way!

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

It’s very rare to see two men whose friendship goals are as intense as these high school BFFs. Kidding aside, they have been there for each other for quite a long time and have been extending support especially during the darkest hours of their lives. The challenges they’ve encountered from their career, marriages, personal struggles, and even to their life’s great downfalls have been extreme. But they have seen to it that they stood by each other’s side. All these things – good or bad – have made them not just better men but the super-BFF of Hollywood.

Their friendship has been so strong and overflowing that it spills over to their kids, who are also super besties. Being together for many years, the two hunks have been honoring each other especially during ‘National Best Friends Day. And yes, they’re really going strong. Cheers to these fellas for their ‘generation-defying’ friendships!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé Knowles

Here’s another BFF who rule Hollywood: lifestyle and wellness guru Gwyneth and multi-awarded singer, songwriter, and actress Beyoncé. From red carpet premieres and appearances to sporting and for-a-cause events to play dates, this ridiculously chic and fab duo have always surprised the crowd with their random “squad moments.”

Some of which are them being “backstage buddies”, their silly ways of turning a red carpet award’s night into a girl’s night, and their sincerest means to show each other that: “Hey, I’m your fan!”

Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman

Before they walked the Oscar red carpet together, longtime buddies Kidman and Watts walked the halls of North Sydney Girls’ High School in Australia. The friends supported each other’s acting careers from the very beginning and have stayed BFFs since becoming two of the most famous women in Hollywood.

Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler

Okay, now imagine how hilarious (and, let’s be honest, probably filthy) this place must have been! Before they made Funny People together, the comedy giants made good roommates in California. Apatow once likened rooming with Sandler to living with “the comfortable bare guy at the gym.” It seems that shared appreciation of frat boy humor paid off for the both of the stars, who are still good friends.

Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve

Williams and Reeve met at the Julliard School and would eventually room together there. Fame never got in the way of the two, who remained close friends until Reeve’s death in 2004. Williams reportedly would cheer Reeve up in the hospital with his trademark off-the-wall humor. Williams had been an active supporter of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation until his death in 2014.


The tight bond that these pairs share may be really precious and rare. But one thing is for sure: this “mutualism” has taken them to where they are right now. Perhaps, aside from their families and loved ones, they are each other’s “wind beneath their wings”. They’re just so lucky for they’ve got wealth, fame, and a long-time BFF in the industry. What else would they ask for? Kudos!

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