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Can Depression Be Permanently Treated?

Many people continue wondering whether depression regardless of whether it is mild or severe can be treated or not. Despite depression being classified as an illness, the medical fraternity has confirmed that it can be treated. The qualified professionals within the industry have also mentioned early treatment is recommended for effective results. Most adults can view an improvement in their symptoms when they are treated with antidepressants and psychotherapy or a combination of the two.

If you believe you may be depressed you should be arranging a start by making an appointment with your doctor or a health care provider. It should be a specialist who can diagnose and treat mental health conditions such as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Some types of medications and medical conditions such as a thyroid disorder or viruses can cause symptoms which are similar to depression.

A doctor can conduct a physical exam, an interview and lab tests to rule out possibilities of disorders of any kind. A psychological evaluation will become essential if the doctor cannot find any medical condition, which is causing the depression.

Having a Discussion with Your Doctor

If you are intent on getting good healthcare one of the most important parts you should be accomplishing is having a frank discussion with your doctor. It may be a challenging task because it will take some time both on your part as well as the doctor. When preparing for your appointment you are advised to make a list of the following:

  • Any symptoms that you are suffering from and include those that may not seem relevant to your appointment.
  • When did the symptoms begin?
  • What is the severity of the symptoms?
  • Have you ever suffered from the symptoms earlier?
  • What treatment did you receive if you suffered from the symptoms before?
  • Have on hand key personnel information, which includes any major stresses or lifestyle changes in the recent past.
  • Have a list of all medications, including vitamins and supplements which you are taking along with the quantities.
  • Prepare a list of any questions you need to ask your healthcare provider.

If you do not have a primary doctor or are not confident with the person you are currently visiting it may be time for you to find a specialist in the business. It would be worthwhile spending some time in finding a doctor, particularly if you have moved to a new city, or had a bad experience your doctor or medical staff or for that matter, have just changed insurance providers.

Tests And Diagnosis

You can expect your doctor to examine you and discuss with you the reasons for the appointment. You will be required to undergo a physical examination and answer questions about your health and the symptoms you are facing. Lab tests, specifically to diagnose depression are not currently available but the possibilities of your doctor asking for some tests to be conducted to rule out other conditions may certainly be required.

If you are not clear about the explanations provided by the doctor you should not hesitate to ask questions. You should also keep the doctor informed about any concerns you have in your mind about a treatment or a change in your everyday life.

The possibilities of you being referred to a mental health professional, social worker, mental health counselor or a psychologist should not be discounted. They will discuss with you any family history of depression or any other mental disorder to ascertain the complete history of the symptoms. Questions about whether you are using alcohol or drugs may also be asked, and queries about death and suicide will also be discussed.

The Treatment

Depression can be treated with medicines and talk therapy where the dejected individual will be holding discussions with a trained professional about his or her feelings and thoughts. The talk therapy is also known as psychotherapy and on many occasions, a combination of medications and psychotherapy is used together. It is essential to the individual to understand that no two individuals are affected by the same type of depression, and every patient will need personalized attention. However, depression can undoubtedly be treated by specialists who have been trained appropriately.

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