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Follow These Expert Tips to Refocus Your Mind in Less Than Two Minutes

We all want things to get fixed in a flash. From clearing our mind, clarifying our thoughts, improving our relationship to simply visualizing a path we want to achieve. The real question is how to get it all done in just two minutes?

Well, you can do a lot of things in less than two minutes like, making your bed, bake any of these desserts and brush your teeth. However, doing a these two-minute exercises will  leave you feeling absolutely refreshed.

That’s why we’ve brought a few expert tips from Dignity Health professionals to help you de-stress, refocus and clarify your minds in less than two minutes. Read on to know their responses and learn various ways these health gurus use mindfulness to achieve positive, and more meaningful results in their lives.

Practice Acceptance

Life can become pretty easy if you learn the art of accepting things as they are. You have to loosen the tight grip of your emotional hold.

Breathe Easy

Life is beautiful only when you have eyes to see it. We all have numerous problems in our daily life we have to learn to manage them. Set everything free. Just take a deep breath where ever and when ever you are. And see how refreshing things will appear to you.

Crack a Laugh

No medicine can be as effective as laughter. And we all know about the power of laughter, contagious enough to make people forget their worries for few minutes. So why don’t you take the benefits of this free gift?

“Laughter releases endorphins or “feel good” hormones. These hormones lead to feelings of euphoria, which aid in reducing stress and even decreasing pain. So watch that funny video, talk to that person with a funny sense of humor or just grin like Cheshire Cat. It will help you feel better.”

― Kadeem Alston-Roman, holistic wellness expert

Shake Things Up

Sometimes acting like insane is the best thing you can gift yourself. Don’t believe us, read these expert tips to brighten your self.

“I like to take two minutes and sit with my legs up the wall and count to ten a few times. This both calms my mind but also re-energizes me on whatever task I was struggling with.”

― Kristen Link, nutrition health coach

“Get a quick burst of exercise. Doing fifty jumping jacks in a minute releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) and fights cortisol (stress hormone). Your mind also shifts its focus from the stressors and focuses on the exercise at hand. After a minute of exercise, breathe deep and count backward from 60.”

― Igor Kholkin, digital marketing consultant

“Move. If you have a door you can close, put on a song and dance, look up an aerobics or qigong video, strike a yoga pose, or try a chair yoga pose. Or, walk briskly down the hall, or around the block. Wiggle. Stretch.”

― Jo Eckler, clinical psychologist and yoga teacher

Write It Out

Sometimes scribbling with no purpose can have an astonishing result. According to Sharla Mandere just use paper and pen start scribbling anything that comes to your mind and sees how positive you will feel then.

“Dump it out! Sit and write down anything that comes to mind as fast as you can. Let your writing be messy. Let the thoughts flow. Set a timer and write with no judgment or cares ― it’s the equivalent of venting. I like to rip the paper into, as many pieces as I can, letting the negative energy out as I do so, and then throw it all away.”

― Sharla Mandere, holistic health coach

Take A Moment

Pause your life for a moment and see the difference.

“I always feel so much less stressed having a cup of tea. The ritual of steeping the tea is comforting in and of itself, and the warmth of the cup in my hands and the tea down my throat calms me. I also run warm water on my hands. No science here, that I know of, but holding my hands under hot running water is so relaxing. When I feel my stress level rise, I’ll lock myself in the bathroom for a couple of minutes, turn on the warm tap, and close my eyes. I know it sounds slightly unusual, but just try it. I think you’ll be surprised!”

― Gillian Perkins, author, and entrepreneur

Listen Up

“If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try listening to some calming music. Studies have found that playing relaxing classical music has a positive effect on the brain and body by lowering lower blood pressure and reducing your levels of cortisol, a hormone linked to stress. If classical music isn’t your thing, try listening to the sounds of rain falling or ocean waves to reap the same benefits.”

― Marc Cenedella, founder, and CEO

It takes only two minutes to be present in a moment in order to create a positive impact, meaningful relationships and mindfulness life. Just do it!!

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