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Losing Weight? These 5 Fat Burning Foods Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

Health buffs are everywhere. Well, it’s not just because they want to join the bandwagon on social media but most importantly, they want to keep a healthy and happy lifestyle. Aside from their strong desire to lose weight and regain that ideal body, they commit themselves to various diet plans and exercise routines for one good reason. They want to be fit. With this in mind, we pull off the following fat burning foods that you should include in your meals.

1. Grapefruit

This citrus fruit has become really popular among those who want to lose weight, especially those who wish to burn some belly fats and take their curves back. According to medical studies, there are certain compounds like polyphenols and other enzymes in grapefruits that burn stored body fats. Eating half of the said fruit or drinking 8 ounces of fresh grapefruit juice three times a day before meals can lead to a significant fat loss.

Meanwhile, some experts claim that research findings, particularly on the fruit’s water content, is actually the one that aids in making you feel fuller. And this eventually results in eating less. Adding grapefruit to your meal plan does not only make you lose weight but also promotes decreased levels of insulin. Likewise, this boosts metabolism and regulates energy and blood sugar levels.

2. Tuna

Choosing the right kind of tuna – those that have low-mercury contents – lets you capitalize on its health and weight loss benefits. Loaded with essential nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids, this low-calorie meat option can take you a long way. Aside from being a good source of high protein and amino acids, tuna promotes sufficient muscle tissue building and speed up the overall calorie burn.

If you’re not a vegan, this meat replacement can be the healthiest option. There are many ways as to how you could prepare your tuna platter. You may bake, grill, steam, or boil it. Just be sure to refrain from any fatty and high-calorie extras like those creamy sauces, dressings, and butter.

3. Oats

A cup – not bowl – of real oatmeal is a dieter’s best friend. Thanks to the oat’s dietary fiber, it generally aids in losing weight. And since you need to reduce your calorie intake to achieve your fitness goals, you have to find a healthy replacement every time hunger attacks. Oatmeal amazingly fills you up and keeps you full for a longer time, eliminating the chances of snacking or eating in between meals.

Helping you to stave off unnecessary cravings, your oatmeal recipes are good enough to jumpstart your metabolism. Just make sure that what you buy from the grocery stores are unflavored and unsweetened. Otherwise, it’s another cheat meal that you’ll surely regret.

4. Green Tea

Make sure your green tea is authentic – pure and fresh leaves from the plant, Camellia sinensis. Many health and wellness experts agree that organic green tea is the “healthiest beverage on the planet”. It is jam-packed with antioxidants, bioactive substances, and other enzymes. This hot, flavored water amplifies the effects of some fat burning hormones that dictates the fat cells to break down fat, releases it into the bloodstream, and most likely converts it to energy.

You may also want to try other loose leaf tea varieties as an alternative for the green teas: premium oolong, white, Pu-erh, and black teas. All these give you the health and weight loss benefits that your body truly needs.

5. Milk

While the link between calcium and weight loss is still feeble (in some studies it promotes greater weight loss, in others, it’s a wash), it turns out that milk may really do a body good when it comes to belly fat. A 2010 study by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that, among a group of more than 100 premenopausal women, fat was significantly reduced in those who consumed the most calcium-rich foods.

For every 100 milligrams of calcium they consumed per day (that’s 1/2 cup of soft-serve frozen yogurt), they lost an inch of intra-abdominal fat—that’s the really bad stuff tucked in and around your internal organs that have been linked to higher rates of heart disease and cancer. Like magnesium, calcium can also help you sleep if you tend to be awakened by muscle soreness or cramps—the mineral, along with calcium, helps relax muscle nerves and fibers.

How to get your dose: Dairy works, but there are other ways to get your calcium in as well, such as sardines, fortified orange juice, tofu, and dark leafy greens like kale and spinach.

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